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Welcome to Godspeed in Hoover! We're located at 110 Little Valley Court Hoover, Alabama 3524, and we are the team to lead you to results! Godspeed is structured and equipped with educated, experienced, and credentialed Coaches and Therapists dedicated to your needs and goals.

This page provides everything you need to know about our Hoover location—click here for more on our Jones Valley location!


Your Goals. Our Plan. Your GLORY.

At our Hoover facility, we offer multiple fitness training methodologies to challenge our athletes and achieve results, whether that be losing weight, gaining muscle, or just looking and feeling better. Our Fitness Training Method is built on the principles below:

Everyone has different goals, but rather than a personal trainer, we have Godspeed Coaches. Each Coach meets individually with their Athletes to evaluate, educate, and equip them with a Plan of Action built for their success.

Each fitness session is instructed by a Global Coach, who leads the class in-person and virtually, and a Local Coach, who evaluates and identifies athletes who need modifications or further instruction. Begin your journey with the assignment of a Godspeed Coach who builds a Plan of Action that leads to results through evaluation, education, equipping, and refinement! Check out our main Fitness page for class times and more detailed descriptions.


Determination. Motivation. Drive.

Whether you want to make the game your career, give your team a competitive edge, or challenge your personal performance, our athletic performance program will push you to achieve your goals.

Our athletic performance programs are backed by sports science. We help improve an athlete's performance through our Six Pillars of Performance: Activation (warm-up), Build (strength training), Energy (conditioning), Regen (Recovery), Skill (Sport-specific), and Fuel (Nutrition). 

Godspeed training and sports performance programs are uniquely designed for athletes to target specific goals and sports training needs. Each athlete is Evaluated, Educated, Equipped, and Refined across all of the six Pillars through a detailed and customized warm-up, training, conditioning, recovery, and nutrition program—specific to age, gender, sport, position, and athlete history—that increases performance while reducing the risk of injury.

Are you up for the challenge?

Collegiate and Professional Athletes Program

At Godspeed in Hoover, our certified strength and conditioning Coaches have the knowledge and experience necessary to lead collegiate and professional athletes in a triumphant, healthy career that they can be proud of.

Middle School and High School Program

Our Athletic Program also prioritizes training middle school and high school athletes who seriously compete for a school, travel, or community team. Many gyms offer sports clinics to large groups of youth athletes without involving a certified coach and fail to focus on proper form and technique (or making actual progress).Each Godspeed AP Coach prescribes, monitors, tracks and adapts each athlete's program with an emphasis on movement, strength, power, speed, agility, and explosiveness specific to the sport’s and position’s demands. We assign class levels by age, skill, and duration. Some of the skills we focus training on (for most courses) include:

Professional Athletes enrolled in our Athletic Performance training programs will receive additional services, such as a prescribed nutrition + monitoring plan. For more information on our Athlete Training Programs, visit our main Athletes page.


Prevent Injury. Promote Recovery. Increase Performance.

No matter the sport, our Team Athlete Performance Program (TAP Program) is designed to build better athletes! Our AP Program is a sports science-based training system comprising evaluation, education, and communicative mentorship for high school, college, and club teams in Alabama. Click here to learn more about how the Godspeed Athlete Performance Program has improved the health and performance of young athletes in the area for the past 11 years.

Physical Therapy

Restore Function. Optimize Performance.

Athletic performance relies on more than talent in your favorite sport. Your best sports performance hinges on the health, function, and performance capability of your body; that's why physical therapy is so important for athletes, especially following an injury.

As an athlete or active adult, injuries are a part of a normal health and performance journey. With Godspeed Physical Therapy, your progress forward will not stop, but only be modified to maintain performance while reducing pain and restoring an injury.

We eliminate loss of activity, pain, and restriction by restoring function and optimizing performance with our Licensed Physical Therapists, who are also Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists. Some of these PT services include:

Led by Certified PT and Director of Leadership and Performance Garrett Trummer and Shelley Anderson, DPT, SCS, CSCS, our Physical Therapists build and lead customized plans for each individual based on injury, age, gender, sport, and performance demands. Continue your progress in strength and conditioning through proper coaching and programming while restoring function due to injury. 

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