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Do you want to become  a driven, determined athlete, dedicated to high-power, accurate sports performance? Or maybe you’re looking to take the first steps to building a better you or restore an injury. If yes, then you are the kind of person Godspeed is built to lead—come train with us at our Jones Valley location!Godspeed Jones Valley is a results-driven, encouraging environment where all of our Coaches focus on helping athletes achieve results, whether they're training for competition, recovering from injury, seeking knowledge on nutrition, or ready to participate in any one of our results-driven training programs.This page provides everything you need to know about our Jones Valley location—click here for more information on our Hoover facility!


Your Goals. Our plan. Your Glory.

Are you ready to train hard, and power through workouts at a higher level than ever before? The moment you step on the Godspeed campus, your journey begins with the assignment of a Godspeed Coach who builds a Plan of Action that leads to results through evaluation, education, equipping, and refinement.

Our challenging and results-driven classes include:

You can participate in fitness classes with us this week! Check out our schedule and learn more about our fitness program on our main fitness page here.


Determination. Motivation. Drive.

Dedicated to the game for life? Join our Athlete Performance Program (AP Program) and develop valuable skills to improve athletic performance and be better than your competitors!

Our AP program is designed to train driven, motivated athletes who determine their favorite sport, most challenging workout, and training as an essential part of their life.

Godspeed athlete training and sports performance programs are uniquely designed for athletes to evaluate, educate, equip, and refine through a detailed and customized warm-up, training, conditioning, recovery, and nutrition program—specific to age, gender, sport, position, and athlete history—that increases performance while reducing the risk of injury.

Using state-of-the-art technology allows Godspeed Staff to monitor and track key metrics that promote improvement and provide reliable, repeatable, and valid results. 


At Godspeed Jones Valley, our certified strength and conditioning Coaches have the experience and credentials to train and guide collegiate and professional athletes through a healthy, winning career.

Each Godspeed campus is structured and equipped with the tools and modalities standard only at the Professional Athlete level. This means every adult, athlete, team, and patient on the Godspeed Campus has access to and is utilizing the same level of coaches, therapists, equipment, and tools as professional athletes across the globe.

Youth Athletes

Our youth athletes program trains middle and high school athletes who seriously compete for school, travel ball, and community teams. Many gyms offer sport-specific clinics to large groups without involving professional, adult trainers and fail to base their program on proper form and technique (or make realistic progress).

At Godspeed, we offer training that's exciting for young athletes, encourages their confidence on the field and in life, and is led by educated, experienced, and credentialed Coaches dedicated to their needs and goals.

We assign class levels by age, skill, and duration. Some of the skills we focus training on (for most courses) include:

Professional Athletes enrolled in our training programs will receive additional services, such as a prescribed nutrition + monitoring plan. For more information on our Athlete Training Programs, visit our main Athletes page.

Physical Therapy

Restore Function. optimize performance.

This is some text inside of a div block.Almost every athlete experiences pain and injuries in their career, but you don't have to give up—Godspeed Physical Therapy continues your progress in strength and conditioning through proper coaching and programming while restoring function due to injury. At Godspeed Jones Valley, your progress forward will not stop, but only be modified to maintain performance while reducing pain and restoring an injury.

Led by Certified PT and Director of Therapy Jared Dowling, our Physical Therapy center in Jones Valley coaches you through a customized, sport-specific plan to re-focus the body on enhancing performance, velocity, and endurance, regaining mobility & stability, and training with your health as our top priority.

By equipping you with injury prevention skills and knowledge to reduce future risk of injury, such as workout equipment safety, we help you heal better, progress smarter, and perform better. Some of our services include:

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